Top 7 Diss Track In Punjabi Industry | Sultaan | Nseeb | Karan Aujla | Sidhu Moose Wala

Every day an artist in the Punjabi music industry releases a diss track for another artist, but today we're talking about the top 7 Diss songs that revolutionised the Diss Culture in the Punjabi music scene. This list includes both official songs and live replies  along with leaked music.

  1. Tempu Sultaan - Naseeb
  2. tempu-sultaan-nseeb

    At the Time when Nseeb differentiate himself from Sultaan and Team, the members of Beeba Boyz was Dropping Diss track for Nseeb on daily daily basis, so Nseeb released a very aggrasive Diss for Sultaan without abusing.
    Fun fact :- Sultaan released Counter Diss named as Aulaad for nseeb on same day. After That Nseeb again dropped a song for Sultaan named as Jawayi on a same day.

  3. Seed - sultaan to malton
  4. Seed is one of the Most Brutal Diss track ever made in punjabi industry. In this song Sultaan Diss to Sunny Malton. Sunny malton never replyed or talk about this song till date.

  5. Don't Back Down - Sikander Kahlon

  6. This song have very strong abustive and aggrasive language. Sikander Kahlon Dissed MC Adrolin in his song. Due to this Diss song Mc Adrolin changed his name.

  7. Sidhu Moose Wala live Diss
  8. This song is not released, Sidhu Moose Wala give reply to Karan Aujla, Babbu Maan and Whole Team of GeeMp3 after the marrige of KV Dhillon (owner of GeetMp3 and GK Digital).

  9. Sikander kahlon vs big byrd - EP of 5 Diss
  10. Sikander Kahlon involved in the fight of Sidhu Moose Wala, Sunny Malton and Big Byrd. So he released a EP of 5 songs in which he dissed Sunny Malton and Big Byrd.
  11. Karan Aujla's Hikk Vich Vajjo (leaked)

  12. This song was not released official but available in Music library of Karan Aujla as they copyrighted their song.

  13. Warning Shots - Sidhu Moose Wala

  14. warning shot is the song which introduced Diss culture to the Punjabi industry. In this Song Sidhu Moose Wala give reply to Karan Aujla's Lafafe song.

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