Sidhu Moose Wala vs Karan Aujla | Ask About Me | Athra Style vs Ask About Me

Both Sidhu Moose wala and Karan Aujla released new songs today.

  • Athra Style (Sidhu Moose wala)
  • Ask About me

After Two Hours -

In 2 hours, Sidhu moose wala received 126k views and Karan aujla received 41k views.

sidhu vs karan

Sidhu moose wala received 126k views in 2 hours, while Karan aujla received 41k views. However, In contexts of likes and comments, Karan Aujla won the race with 58k likes and 19k comments, while Moose wala received 36k likes and 4.7k comments.

After 7 Hours -

After 7 hours, Athra Style received 453k views, 60k likes, and 6.6k comments, while Ask About Me received 492k views, 99k likes, and 25k comments.


Now at 11:15 pm 14 oct. 2021
Ask about me received 1 million views, 125 thousand likes, and 28.5 thousand comments,
while Athra Style received 1.4 million views, 77 thousand likes, and 7.8 thousand comments.

After 1 Day

Sidhu received just 1.7 million views in one day, with 85 thousand likes and 8.4 thousand comments, whereas Karan Aujla received 2.2 million views, with 139 thousand likes and 30 thousand comments.


Ask About Me :-

Karan Aujla's first album, Btfu, contains the song "Ask About Me." Tru Skool provided the music for "Ask About Me," and Karan Aujla wrote the lyrics. Speed Records owns the label, and the song was released on September 14, 2021. Karan Aujla is a punjabi singer from Canada. Karan Aujla's latest release, Btfu, is his debut album, and it is a successful project, ranking sixth in the world for best debut album.

Athra style :-

The song "Athra Style" is from an upcoming film " Yes, I am a student". This song's singers are Sidhu Moose Wala and Jenny Johal, the music director is The Kidd, and the lyrics and music composer are also by Sidhu Moose Wala. Tips Industries Ltd. owns the label (Tips Punjabi)

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